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This project was created from the need of schools from six different countries to give their partners possibility to acquire future planning skills and professional activities as future employees or entrepreneurs among students aged 10-14 and increasing the soft skills of students and teachers during the project period. The project will last for two years. One of the main aims of the project is preparing students for living in market economy conditions and enabling young people to acquire knowledge and practical skills facilitating the implementation of professional plans. In addition, the project will stimulate all the partners to make use of the ICT tools of communication, teaching and learning, so as to improve their competence in this area. The project theme has brought together schools from Bulgaria (107 Primary school "Khan Krum"), Spain (Colegio La Milagrosa - Hijas de La Caridad de San Vicente de Paul), Turkey (OZEL TEVFIK KUSOGLU ORTAOKULU), Croatia (VOsnovna skola Bartola Kasica), Italy (ISTITUTO COMPRENSIVO STATALE DI CIMINNA) and Poland (Zespol Szkolno-Przedszkolny w Szemudzie). We are going to organize six short-term exchanges of groups of pupils. The subject of the meetings: SOFT SKILLS ARE THE FUTURE; WE ARE HEALTHY AND SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE ENTREPRENEURS; GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER AND BE AWARE OF YOUR POTENTIAL TO START A BUSINESS IDEA, SOFT SKILLS WITH FIRM STEPS TO FUTURE (Communication and Teamwork), HOW TO PRESENT OURSELVES IN THE BEST LIGHT and WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW TO START OUR OWN BUSINESS 

Thanks to this project, our students will have the opportunity to gain many so-called soft competences, such as team cooperation, effective communication, problem solving, self-management in time, organization of work, teamwork, achieving group goals, as well as shaping pro-social attitudes, among others: responsibility, perseverance, creativity, punctuality, honesty, respect for other people, empathy. etc. Universal interpersonal competences are as important for the development of students' professional careers as practical professional skills. In addition, project participants will have the opportunity to learn key skills and competences sought and appreciated by employers. Achieving this goas means increasing the awareness of employers and students regarding corporate social responsibility and increasing students' awareness of civil society. Advantages for teachers- they will find out more about: self-management in time; assertiveness in the teaching profession; teacher's personal branding/personal branding strategies; development groups for teachers/group coaching.

 The final products will assure the quality of the project, such as online surveys, a calendar with photos connected with our project activities, leaflets and press articles about the project. The most important products for us will be two online publications: e-book with lesson plans and e-book worked out by students. Developed didactic materials will be used during didactic classes on particular subjects in all partner schools in future


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